Keeyla Meadows Art Gallery

Artwork by: Keeyla Meadows

Painting and making sculptures are my passions.

I root down into the colors, shapes and textures of the garden and nature drawing inspiration transferred to canvas, paper, clay and bronze.

Art provides me a stable space to express my female voice freely. Something that was unsupported in my youth. I aspire to keep open avenues for freedom of self expression, creative vision, and inspiration. I hope my works humbly allow me to add my voice to the expansive and mysterious world of Color that so many artists explore and bring into view.

Like the Shadow Puppet Master I want to open a curtain through the endless ups and downs of Story setting out a pathway to the Divine. Offering a perspective to view Life and beyond from the vantage point of Light.

I believe that the Garden and Art offer a space where people can stand on common ground, bringing hope for the present and future.

I received a Master’s Degree in Art from U.C. Berkeley where I worked independently as an installation and performance artist. Somehow picking up starting points for sculpture from my mentor Peter Voulkos and ways into working on canvas from my painting teacher Joan Brown. My awakening as an artist come out of Anne Halprin’s San Francisco Dancer’s Workshop and continued as an undergraduate at California Institute of the Arts.

I’ve shown work in galleries and museums nationally and in the Netherlands. 

We do painting and sculpture commissions for gardens and interiors